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After becoming one of the top animal sera and ancillary cell culture providers in the United Kingdom, the decision was made to expand to the American market to provide high quality Fetal Bovine Serum. Our experience in supplying biological materials allows us lot-to-lot consistency to reduce your variables. Our fetal bovine serum processing facilities are ISO9001 certified and cGMP qualified and our product follows stringent regulatory compliance standards: EDQM, USDA, APHIS.

At our United States facility we only provide ONE thing; Fetal Bovine Serum. Since FBS is all we produce and generate profit from, you can be assured you are getting only the highest quality fetal bovine serum available today! Our proximity to serum sources enables us to provide a wide range of serum of certified origins. Our experience in supplying biological and perishable materials allows us to deliver only the highest quality FBS in the appropriate condition to customers near and far. 

All of this coupled with conservative pricing, complementary samples, storage for large & small lot reservations, and our dedication to providing the best in customer care makes Biowest Americas “the perfect solution for your cell culture!”

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Fetal Bovine Serum


Biowest America supplies only the highest quality fetal bovine serum to cell culturists through out North and Central America. Our global advantage in sourcing enables us to offer a wide range of certificated origins to you. Experience, dedication, and commitment to quality makes Biowest America your perfect cell culture solution!